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Khortitsa Palace can boast the exceptional allocation. It is situated in the downtown of Zaporozhye with perfect transportation to every district in the city. Getting to the hotel is equally easy both from the airports and the railway station.


Zaporozhye International Airport (OZH)

Travel Distance: approximately 20 km



Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (DNK)

Travel Distance: approximately 78 km



Zaporozhye-1 Railway Station

Travel Distance: approximately 10 km



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If you need transportation assistance or have any additional requests, feel free to contact us
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Zaporozhye Attractions


The Dnieper Hydro Power plant construction long lasting period took place in 1927-1932. It was constructed to meet two main goals – continuance of navigation on the Dniper and provide the electricity to industrial Center  in Southern Ukraine. After the renovation period it is used to capture two generators. It looks huge having the 50 meters total height.

Khortitsia Island – the largest River Island in Europe is home of  history, fauna and flora.This island was a place to live for Cossacks, at the moment it is a 


tourist attraction center with its performances and theatrical shows.It has hosted the shooting of various historical movies.
The Zaporozhye Oak – is a monument to the natural history of Zaporozhye. Scientists dated its origin at approximately 1250 AD.

Cossacks of Zaporozhye are the shining symbol of  city history. Horse riding shows are always happy to meet tourists and visitors from different countries.


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